Back to School 2017-2018

August 24, 2017

Dear Corridor Friends and Families,

On behalf of the Corridor staff, I welcome you to the 2017-2018 school year. I am writing this after the solar eclipse, and I hope you were able to see it, such a spectacular sight. I’ll take this as a sight of spectacular things to come at Corridor. I’m hoping for an exceptional year, one that will bring new staff, new ideas, and some new practices.

As you know, we hired some awesome new teachers last spring. We have some other new hires, I want to tell you about. Please join me in welcoming our new staff:

Cailin Benavides was just hired as our hired facilitating teacher, teaching 2nd and 5th grade math. For the past five years she taught 6th grade at Oak Hill. She was Chelsea Mabie’s teaching partner for a time while she was there. She has also taken on additional roles leading the middle school student council, participating in outdoor programs, chaperoned state and national field trips, and assisted with middle school cross-country practices. She also has experience incorporating theater into her classroom instruction. Caitlin graduated from California State University at Long Beach, and she taught 2nd grade in California. Caitlin says she has been waiting for an opportunity to return to elementary education and being part of the Corridor team sound like the perfect opportunity.

Kat Grodrian: 4th grade – Many of you met Kat last year, while she was a long-term substitute at Yujin Gakuen and during her visit to Corridor on field day last spring. Kat holds a BA in Music and Psychology from University of Miami, as well as a Master’s in Education from George Washington University. No stranger to the stage, she has performance experience in musical theatre, opera and professional choral singing. She taught in southern California, and gave private piano and voice lessons.

Nick Van Bloem: 5th grade – Nick moved  from Roseburg after three years as a 5th grade teacher there, but he is from Eugene. Nick went to Willamette High School and pursued his college education at Pacific University. Math and Science are his favorite subjects, but he enjoys teaching all subjects. Nick enjoys soccer, biking and hiking. gardening, cooking, reading, playing games and watching basketball with his wife, Eden.

Lavinia Page will be back this year in her role as assistant principal for Corridor and Yujin Gakuen. She will be on a different schedule this year, though. Last year, she was here every afternoon. This year, she will alternate her schedule each week, being here in the morning one week and the afternoons the following week. Lavinia also serves as the assistant principal at Bertha Holt Elementary. We are glad to have her back. She will be taking the lead on our Positive Behavior and Instructional Supports program (PBiS) and is an invaluable resource for our instructional and behavior interventions.

Jennie Goodlett will be back in the building but in a different role than she had last year as an instructional assistant. This year, she will work half-time as our teacher for English Language Learners. Prior to Jennie’s time at Yujin Gakuen, she taught at Saraha Children’s and the Drinking Gourd schools. Jennie is a graduate of San Diego State and the University of California at Santa Cruz. Go Slugs!

Ann Richer will join us as our new Education Assistant where she will be supporting Betsy and our kindergarten. She has experience as a guest teacher in 4J, and last year she was an education assistant at Adams Elementary

Karen Hecht will join us as our new Education Assistant in the Learning Center. She will support Mary Gevatosky and students who need small group instruction in reading and math.

Specialists for PE and Music
David Adee returns to Corridor to teach music one day a week in the first semester. David has many years of experience teaching music, including teaching at Howard and at River Road. We are excited to have him back in the building.

Giulie Smith will teach music for three days in the first semester and then full-time in the second semester. She had been the music teacher at Gilham where she taught for many years.

Michelle Lampe also comes to us from Gilham where she taught PE. Michelle will be our full-time PE teacher for the first semester.
Chrisanne Mehl will teach PE four days a week during second semester. Chrisanne taught PE at Howard last year.

Full-time Counselor – Kira Shrem has been transferred to Family School where she will work half-time. A full-time counselor will be hired soon, and I am confident that we can make the hire in time for school to start. Stay tuned for an update soon.

Teacher Configuration – Here’s a list of our classroom staff and facilitating teachers for this year.

Kindergarten – Betsy Logan with Ann Richer (EA)
First Grade – Beck McCoy
Second Grade – Mariah Dennis
Second/Third Blend – Tracey Martin
Third Grade – Shelly Carlton
Fourth Grade – Kat Grodrian
Fourth/Fifth Grade – Angie Bunday
Fifth Grade – Nick Van Bloem
Facilitating Teacher – Caitlin Benavides (2nd & 5th grade math and small group reading)

Learning Center (LC) – Mary Gevatosky with Karen Hecht (EA)
Comprehensive Learning Center (CLC) – Jennifer Slater

CLC EAs – Lisa Defrancesco, Kaisa Erickson, Elayne Goodban

General Education Assistants: Sheryl Kelly and Marilyn Moblo

What else is new? Besides new staff, I want to share some other news.

  • Free Breakfast – Eugene School District 4J is excited to offer free breakfast to all students in grades K–5.

No paperwork or application is required to receive free breakfast. Students simply show up at breakfast time (check with your school for start times) and enjoy a healthy, nutritious meal to start their day off right! For more information, visit the 4J website.

  • Water Quality at Silverlea – The district’s water quality assurance process is now complete at Yujin Gakuen and Corridor. All of our drinking fountains and sinks are safe to use. Last summer our school district proactively tested all schools and buildings for lead levels in the water. Samples were collected from all taps used for drinking water and food preparation and sent to professional labs for analysis. The initial results showed that 2 of our school’s 82 water taps had elevated lead levels, above 20 parts per billion (ppb). The fixtures were replaced and the water was retested. In one case, the breezeway water fountain, additional steps were needed to eliminate the source of elevated lead. This has now been completed and the follow-up test results show normal levels. All of our water fixtures are safe to use.

New Curricula – All elementary schools in 4J are implementing a new math curriculum, LearnZillion, and will continue into the second year of a new science curriculum, FOSS. Read below for more information.

LearnZillion – There are several advantages of LearnZillion as it aligns better with the Common Core Standards and all its resources are online, so parents and students can access the curriculum through the internet. Last year, Angie piloted LearnZillion and she has been able to share some observations with staff about it. All classroom teachers will receive training before school begins. We will share more information with you in coming newsletters. If you would like to learn more about LearnZillion, take a look at their website:

Or, you can watch a YouTube video on LearnZillion

FOSS – Full Option Science System is a research-based science curriculum for grades K-8 developed at the Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley. The best way for students to appreciate the science concepts and develop the ability to think well is to actively participate in scientific practices through their own investigations. Last year, teachers received training on two of the three FOSS kits for each grade. Each kit included activities for students to conduct their own explorations and studies. This year, teachers will implement all three kits: Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science. If you want to learn more about the FOSS Programs, read the FOSS Elementary Introduction.

Please read the important attached information. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call or email. Here’s to an awesome school year!


Tom Piowaty

Staff List

Principal: Thomas Piowaty
Assistant Principal: Lavinia PageSecretary: Joanne JonesEducation Assistants: Marilyn Moblo, Sheryl Kelly,          Ann Richer

Custodial Staff: Laura Cody & Andrew Cvitanovich

Kitchen Staff: Patricia Rigsby, Mary Johnson

School Psychologist: Kelly Korach

Nurse: Ann Anderson

Health Clerk: Monika Baker

Speech/Language Specialist: Tricia Grady

Technical Support:  Tom Maddox

ELL: Jennie Goodlett

Kindergarten: Betsy Logan

1st Grade: Beck McCoy

2nd Grade: Mariah Dennis

2nd/3rd Grade Blend: Tracey Martin

3rd Grade: Shelly Carlton

4th Grade: Kat Grodrian

4th/5th Grade Blend: Angie Bunday

5th Grade: Nick Van Bloem
Facilitating Teacher: Caitlin Benavides

Learning Center: Mary Gevatosky

Learning Center Education Assistant: Karen Hecht

Comprehensive Learning Center: Jennifer Slater

CLC Education Assistants: Lisa Defrancesco, Kaisa Erickson, Elayne Goodban.


OFFICE:  541-790-4600  ATTENDANCE LINE:  541-790-4625

School starts Wednesday, September 6, 2017 for all Corridor Students!

Welcome Back to School – Open House, September 5, Welcome Back Tradition

We will be holding a Welcome Back to School Open House on Tuesday, September 5th from 12:00-1:00 p.m. This is our way of saying “hello” to our students and families before school officially begins on Wednesday. Feel free to bring your school supplies as well. This is not a time for individual conferences about students.  Individual meetings with teachers may be scheduled for another time.

Welcome Back Tradition

Join us outside the office in the courtyard at 7:45 a.m. on the first day of school for refreshments, conversation and the official bell signaling the start of another great year! Thank you PTO for organizing and setting up this celebration of learning.

Back to School Celebration, September 6th

Corridor receives 50% profit from any food purchases when you present the  flyer at Papa’s Pizza on Coburg Road (good all day long) and it is a fun way to help support the many special and unique activities for Corridor students. Look for the flyer to arrive soon in your in-box. Join us the first day of school for our annual pizza get together from 5-7 p.m. See old friends and meet new ones!

Hours of School Supervision

It is important for you to be aware that there is NO supervision of buildings and grounds at Corridor School before 8:05 a.m. and after 3:00 p.m., with the exception of students with the YMCA, eating breakfast, official school events, and programs that occur before and after school.  School starts at 8:15 am; dismissal is 2:45 pm Monday-Thursday. Friday, school is over at noon.

Breakfast Schedule and supervision for the first few days of school

Now that we are offering free breakfast for all students, we anticipate more students arriving to school before the main building doors open. We begin serving breakfast at 7:45 AM. In the past, there was enough room in the cafeteria to accommodate all students, between Corridor and YG, who wanted to eat breakfast. This year, we will provide more supervision in the morning before school. We may have to adjust our schedule or find other areas to accommodate our students so that all of them can be served. We ask your patience as we figure how many students actually come for breakfast and determine the level of supervision required.

Medications Given At School

Guardians of a child who requires prescription medications to be given at school need to come by the office, prior to the first day of school to fill out the necessary paperwork. Remember to bring the original labeled prescription bottle with the medication inside to leave at school.  If not medication will be returned.

Allergy Alert

Corridor School has several students with severe nut allergies. To insure that these students have a safe school environment, we are asking that NO NUT PRODUCTS be brought into any of the classrooms or electives school wide. Nut products in your students lunch will still be allowed at this time, but be sure to let your student know that there are nut products in their lunch. There will be designated NUT FREE tables in the cafeteria for those students with nut allergies to have lunch.  If your child chooses to sit at these tables, their lunches MUST NOT CONTAIN NUT PRODUCTS. The lunchroom supervisors will be checking the food at these tables for nut products.

Parking Lot Cooperation

As you drop-off and pick-up your student, please park in a marked space. Do not pause along the curb and let your child out, or get in as it causes unsafe backed up congestion in the street. Your cooperation in the parking lot helps keep our students safe.

School Supplies

For a list of school supplies for Corridor, click this link or copy and paste this URL:

Operation School Bell

Look for OSB information to arrive soon.

Calendar (a few events & activities you may want to make an early note of!)

September 5: Open House 12:00 pm-1:00 pm

September 6: Celebration of Learning 7:45 First day of school

September 6: Papa’s Pizza Night

September 12: Curriculum Night (info from teachers for parents)

September 20: School Picture Day

October 9:   No School – State In-service Day


Help us keep it HOT~Here On Time.  This year we will be focusing on having fewer tardies.  Being on time for school is an important life skill to learn.  We will be recognizing and/or rewarding the classroom that has been HOT for the week and/or month this school year.

Tom, Lavinia, and Joanne