October 19, 2017

Dear Corridor friends and families,

I have a few important announcements that did not make their way into the Thursday envelopes this week.

Jog-a-thon – I want to say how great it was to see so many of you out at last night’s Jog-a-thon. How cool it was to be out at night on the lighted track and seeing everyone out running at the same time. Many thanks to the many volunteers who came out to help and special thanks to Fallon Love for coordinating and planning the event. It was a great success, and I know next year will be even better!

Site Council – The Corridor Site Council will be meeting on Tuesday, October  14th, from 5:30-6:30. We will be holding some of our meetings in the late afternoon, just ahead of the PTO meetings, in hopes that more parents would be able to attend site council. These meetings are open to anyone who wished to participate.

Our agenda

  • Approve working group agreements
  • Awareness Committee – establish a committee to increase public awareness of our school and its programs, prepare for School Choice season.
  • Elective program – determine ways to improve elective program, communication with parents and developing a course catalog.

For more information about site councils, go to: http://devcorridor.4j.lane.edu/site-council/

ALICE Drill – This is a repeat from last week, but I want to remind you of our updated safety strategies, known as ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate). These were recommended by law enforcement. ALiCE strategies expand on our traditional safety practices and empower staff and students with more options during a life-threatening emergency, the kind we all hope never happens.  Next week, students will have age-appropriate class discussions, practice evacuating, and talk about barricading in response to a threat. Student training will not include the active-shooter simulations that staff have participated in. Class discussions will occur on October 25th and student drills will occur on October 26th. If you are interested in viewing our materials, they will be available at our school. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Please talk with your children about the drills. Our goal, while practicing important safety procedures is to be sure all children feel safe and are not scared by the mock emergencies. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. As always, we ask parents to be our partners in safety: Talk with your son or daughter about how to be safe at home, in your neighborhood, and on the way to and from school. Be alert to potential dangers. Please notify the school if you know of an unsafe situation, and call 911 first if you believe it to be an emergency. Always check in at the front office and get a visitor badge if you will be at the school, and if you see anyone unauthorized on campus tell school staff right away. Provide the school office with your complete current contact information—if there is ever an emergency we will use email, home phones, cell phones, websites or other communication to notify you with accurate information as quickly as we can.

Families and schools are also partners in caring for our students. The district has provided suggestions from the National Association of School Psychologists for talking with children about violence and for managing strong emotional reactions to traumatic events. I hope you will find these resources helpful to you.

For more information go to: