Summer Break is Here!

Dear Corridor families:

It’s hard to believe this school year has come and gone. In many ways it feels as though it went by very quickly, but a lot has happened this year with the fire in November and the recent concerns over the future location of Corridor. I am happy to report that Corridor will still remain its own school in the coming years. We might have a new location, but we will still be the creative and happy performing arts school no matter where we are. Just remember we started in a corridor!

This year was a year of transition with several new staff who brought new ideas and new energy to Corridor. However, we are sad to be saying goodbye to Shelly Carlton who retired this year. She was such a leader and inspiration to all whose lives she touched. She will be sorely missed and impossible to replace.

We also say goodbye to our learning specialist, Mary Gevatosky, who will be going on to split her time between Charlemagne and Ridgeline Montessori. Our education assistant, Karen Hecht has retired and will be leaving Corridor, and Ms. R in our kindergarten will be going on to Edgewood next year. We also say goodbye to Ms. Kat, who will teach at Family School.

With changes in staffing and changes in enrollment, our staffing will look similar, but different from this year. I’ve outlined the next year’s staffing plan below.

Staffing for 2018-2019

Kindergarten  – There will be one class with Betsy teaching and 5 hours of support from education assistants. Sheryl, Marilyn, and a new assistant, Heather Penfold.

First Grade – There will be a single first grade class with Beck as teacher. Second Grade – There will be a single with Mariah as teacher.

Third Grade – We are expecting a large group of students (currently 35), so we will have an additional part-time teacher to support the 3rd grade. Tracey will be the homeroom teacher, beginning the day with a morning meeting. Then the class will be split into two groups with Tracey teaching one group and a new hire, Melissa Locke-Warnicke, teaching the other group. After lunch, all the third grade students will return to Tracey’s class for units.

Fourth and Fifth – Our plan will be similar to this year’s configuration: Caitlin teaching a straight 4th grade class, Angie teaching a blended 4/5th grade class, and Nick teaching a straight 5th grade. However, there will not be an extra teacher who can teach math. We do have a tentative plan for ensuring all students are taught math in straight grades divided among the three teachers.

Title I – Next year, Corridor will qualify for Title I services. Title I is a federal program that provides for supplemental services, most often to support reading and math. Melissa Locke-Warnicke will serve as Title I Coordinator at half-time, in addition to her role as half-time facilitating teacher. This is a new position, and Melissa’s role will be to provide additional instruction in reading and math for students who have the highest needs. She will also be taking a lead role in increasing parent involvement. Melissa is familiar with this role, as she used to serve as Title Coordinator at Howard Elementary School.

Music – Giulie Smith will teach music full-time next year for the entire year. All students will have music twice a week next year.
PE – We do not have a PE teacher assigned at this time, but we will be hiring a full-time teacher for next year. All students will have PE twice a week next year.

Comprehensive Learning Center – Jennifer Slater will return as the teacher in the Comprehensive Learning Center. Lisa Defrancesco, Elayne Goodban, and Kaisa Erickson will return as education assistants.

Learning Center – With Mary being reassigned and Karen retiring. Melissa Lutsch will be assigned to the Learning Center half-time and will be working half-time at Spring Creek. Katja Sirvinskas will be joining our staff as the new education assistant.

Office  – Joanne will return as our fabulous secretary, as will Lavinia and I.

Our staffing plan could change when fall approaches, because students do move into the district in the summer and enroll at Corridor. We don’t expect changes to our staffing plan, but it could happen depending on the number of incoming students in the summer.

Speaking of summer, I want to say one final goodbye to the outgoing fifth grade class. I hope you will leave with fond memories of your experience at Corridor. And for everyone, I wish you all a happy and safe summer.

Yours sincerely,

Tom Piowaty