Safety Precautions in Case of an Emergency

We have three tools at our disposal to handle emergencies:

  1. Lock down:We will lock students with their teachers in their classrooms until the danger has passed or move them to a secure location in the building, such as the gym which has no outer windows. We practiced this moving activity last year.
  2. Walk to a safer location:If we need to evacuate, we will move to North Eugene High School’s gymnasium. We haven’t practiced this event, but North has agreed to this alternative.
  3. Bused to a safer location:If we need to evacuate by bus, we would be transported to the Moshofsky Center, the indoor University of Oregon practice field next to Autzen Stadium. In any of these three situations you could obtain relevant information by tuning to KRVM 1280 A.M. or 91.9 F.M.


All of us need to be united when it comes to handling possible emergency situations to prevent chaos, further endangering our students. We appreciate your support of our plans, should we ever have to put them in place. Allowing students to go to a safe home nearby or leave helter skelter during school hours would not be an alternative. We will stick together until it’s safe to release everyone into the waiting arms of family!